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  • Jo Gomez

    My nephew, J-Miah gets his photo-op on a fire truck. #kids

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My little nephew is Moldiv's Man of the Year!


My handsome nephew just before his 5th birthday.

Kindness to #animals, starts as a #child.

Cute! #kids

pinterest: Kylaa 💎 ♚

Fun as a #kid? Yes please.

Pinterest: @ cheyennekennedy

African inspired


LITTLE BOY REPLIES: Your delusions... delusions of grandeur have started at an early age Ms. Thang. Deal with that you little crap tart!

My nephew J at almost 5 yrs old.

My little nephew, 😘 three months shy of his 5th birthday.

Jeremiah, a four year old White belt in Tae Kwon Do. That's my nephew. Great striking ability with his legs and arms. #discipline

2 year baby #break #dancing with #dad - YouTube #epic #kids #funny

This is great!. Getting #kids in the #tech game to be more than just consumers. #coding #learning

Product and lesson samples for #Handwriting Without Tears materials for #kids.

Make party attendees chuckle with this onesie. so funny!!! I remember when AJ was a year old, Jose and I kept saying "OMG-we kept him alive for a year!" LOL

My nephew J, at 4yrs old Nov 30th 2014. He's growing to be a smart, funny, helpful, intuitive, leader (already a yellow belt in his Tae Kwon Do group). His "love languages" are quality time and gift's.

You’re not the only one watching your #baby: #webcam security alert

#Baby Can’t Stop Dancing To Magical Birthday Card #video

Cutie pie

Fashionable kids

J looking smart during the first week of Jr. Kindergarten. #kids