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Vincent van Gogh. The Spinner, after Millet. Saint-Rémy: Sept 1889

Vincent van Gogh aged nineteen, 1873 Wow! Benedict Cumberbatch could play him very easily...

Vincent van Gogh: Sloping Path in Montmartre. Oil on cardboard on multiplex board. Paris: Spring, 1886. Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum.

Vincent Van Gogh daguerrotype by Victor Morin (an assertion which several experts agree on. Or is he a doppelganger/look-a-like?)

Vincent van Gogh. Vase with Carnations "The way to know life is to love many things." - (Vincent van Gogh)

Vincent van Gogh - Le Moulin de la Galette, 1886, Paris, oil on canvas, private collection. There are several paintings with this same title.

Vincent van Gogh was a famous Dutch painter who was born in Nuenen. People from all over the world knows his name and paintings like 'the Sunflowers' or 'the Potato-eaters'. A famous story about Van Gogh is about his ear: he cut it off.

Love this print from senioritis on Etsy

A favorite of mine by VanGogh. He has always personally inspired me and my love of painting.