Find the worst bridesmaids dress you can find & play paintball for you bachelorette party. Hahaha YES!!

I'm by no means a pro paintball player — I just think it's hilarious fun! So for my hen's weekend [aka "bachelorette weekend"], I demanded we go and play paintball for a day. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my upcoming wedding than by running around in the mud and shooting my best friends. Everyone wore the most hideous bridesmaid dress they could find (or make).

pre-wedding field day, bridesmaids vs groomsmen, i want to do this!

bridesmaid photo.

Check out the looks on these bridesmaids' faces when they show up to what they thought was an engagement party, only to see their best friend in a wedding dress! This surprise wedding is gorgeous - the bride was sick of wedding planning so decided to skip to the best part - the marriage.

Goodwill dresses and paintball hahaha

Or give your bridesmaids cement blocks to stand on so they don't sink into the grass.

day after bachelorette party mug shot...a MUST!!!!!!!! We will look so rough..


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Leg shot with the groomsmen! bahahaha

50 bridal shower and bachelorette party theme ideas!! I love the slumber party and girly glam....but they forgot to include Jane Austen ;)

10 Secrets Only Wedding Planners Know. pin now, read later

Couldn't think of a better thing to do before walking down the aisle ❤

Groom writes on brides shoes before she walks down the aisle.. if this was ever done for me i would be so sure i was doing the right thing <3 some men just rock. sg - Click image to find more Weddings Pinterest pins


Bachelorette Party Bikini

this size flowers for the girls 3 x

So cute. Great Dane. I'm totally going to teach Era to carry the sign