Bath toy storage... I like this better than the frog with suction cups we have cuz it always falls off

Turn a regular bath into a super cool polka dot one.

Toy organization

Hardware Store Bath Toys. Take various PVC pieces, drill holes, insert suction cups, hours of water play!

How & Why to Clean Bath Toys. I've always wondered how to do this because they mold on the inside.

fishing for magnetic letters in the bath tub

Cheap 5-minute toy DIYs for Baby | Hellobee. I love all of these ideas!

Great bath paints using 2 ingredients: shaving cream + food coloring. So simple to make and prepare. Kids will love painting, creating and learning and is suitable for all ages. Fun.

Stuffed Animal Storage Idea. Simple bean bag cover (Bed Bath Beyond) and fill with stuffed animals. Why didn't I think of this along time ago

Pop Up Booster Seat - convenient carrying case with storage


DIY baby and toddler toys for motor skills and curiosity

Infant Bath Tub by Puj. Made from a soft and durable foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink, the Puj Tub cradles and protects the baby during bath time. BPA and PVC-free.

If you have lots of empty room in the bottom of a closet...turn it into a toy storage area.

Utilize under-crib space with big storage boxes for extra diapers, wipes, and more. I have no idea why I never considered this.

Oh my gosh, this really is like magic!!!! How to get a toddler to play quietly for 30+ minutes every day!!!! Oh the things I could do with 30 minutes of peace!

Could use on paper, too! Glowing Homemade Bath Paint! So easy to make and so fun!

Take a picture of your child's favorite toys, convert picture to black and white, and then have it blown up. What a good idea

5 Easy Storage and Organization Solutions for Any Kid’s Bedroom - Page 2 of 5 - DIY & Crafts

A new spin on a pinata. Single balloons filled with confetti and a few toys and candies. Each child chose one to pop with a pin.

Drill holes in plastic toys for toothbrush holder!