Knitted Credit Cards

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20s Vintage Cottage Illustration Playing Card Back

Louise Bourgeois at work, New York, by Dimitris Yeros.

Crochet as wall art

Decorative Card (Schmuckkarte) Anonymous, Austrian, Viennese, 20th century, ca. 1907-14.

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Valeriane Leblond

New York conceptual artist Nobutaka Aozaki is exploring the act of asking for directions in his ongoing art piece, Here to There, by gathering a collection of impromptu hand-drawn maps he obtains from complete strangers.

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Ashley G

Thread Card

Lawr wrth y lan by Valériane Leblond

frida, clare owen





Horst Janssen, 1965

For the best mom.

"All you knit is love", Barcelona.