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Pour kids bubbles into small containers. Mixed a few drops of food coloring into the containers. Add some dish soap for extra bubbles. Blow bubbles on paper. When they pop, they leave splatters and circle prints.

Bubble Prints! Add food coloring to bubbles and pop them on paper.

bubble painting...mix food coloring in with bubbles...blow on page...let them pop. Fun Summer Outdoors craft

Mix food coloring with bubbles and blow onto paper – makes awesome art when they pop!

Bubble painting. Mix food coloring in with bubbles, blow on page, let them pop. cute idea for little ones

Mix food coloring with bubbles...let kids blow bubbles onto paper...outside fun time

Bubble Painting. I've done this several times. Always a great time. Use water color paper, const paper, even a blank canvas...great art for any wall. (I have one in my bathroom.)


Bubble Painting: Simply have the kiddos blow, and blow and blow until they have a huge pile of bubbles. Next press the paper gently into the bubbles allowing them to pop on the paper. Repeat the process with as many colors as the kids want. The end result is amazing. If you have not tried this with your kiddos yet you need to.

Bubble Painting @Barbara Burgner for Luke