Love this. Love Dwam.

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Incredible raven tattoo!

Amazing elephant and compass abstract tattoo .. Love Victor Montaghini Linear, geometric, polka trash, red and blue, circles, lines, watercolor color, Just plain awesome!


Magpie sleeve

This looks amazing

This website has a bunch of specially made temporary tattos..I love this colorwheel!

37 Awesome Tattoos That Make Clever Use Of The Body. This is one of the most beautiful tattoos I've seen

Cool Idea!


Celtic tatoo...even though I don't DO tatoos I can appreciate the artistry

Tattoo Idea, i love it

Cool tattoo

Skyline and Birds tattoo, great idea for a sleeve

Bird in a beautifully different style.

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glow in the dark big dipper tattoo--- this is cool but I would get Orion, always been my favorite constellation.

I personally don't really like polinesian tattoo, but i have to admit that this is an amazing art work!