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elf on the shelf : swinging on a candycane

Elf stockings

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Elf on shelf hide n seek. Could also have him make a snowman out of the toilet paper.

elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf turns the milk either red or green

elf on the shelf ideas 50 Easy and Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Pictures

Elf on the Shelf - TP-ing the tree

{Free Printables} I love entertaining bars--simple decorations, prepared beverages or treats, everyone gets to create their own special drink and you get to enjoy the party as well! Hot cocoa is a very cute idea for the kids. (And why not a grown-up surprise one evening with a little peppermint or marshmallow-flavored liquour?)

elf made a snowman out of marshmallows

North Pole Breakfast to celebrate arrival of elf on a shelf (weekend after Thanksgiving) I MUST REMEMBER THIS!!!

Elf on a shelf

Elf on the Shelf idea for kids who are misbehaving -- Dear (name), Last night when I went back to the North Pole, I didn't have a lot of nice things to tell Santa. Santa was sad to hear about your bad behavior. (List specifics if needed). Remember... good behavior puts you on the nice list and bad behavior puts your name on the naughty list so be good for goodness sake! Love, Mr. Elf

Master List of ideas for Elf - this family has been doing Elf for 3 years - lots of creative photos

Tic tac toe - kids write a "O" on the marshmallows and Elf will play his "X" every night. Good way to take up a couple of days! Could accompany with a note.

Elf on a Shelf Calendar

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf Kisses - wrap chocolate chips. Could be cute to leave on Santa's plate for next morning

elf on the shelf