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Angelina Jolie

Anna Selezneva | Camilla Akrans #photography | Numéro 111

Alexandra Spencer

black and white photography; sultry photography; luxury photography; #sultry

Love me or leave me by Kalle Gustafsson for Fashion Tale

Hair & Makeup | beauty | smokey eyes | dramatic makeup

Photographer: Terry Richardson Model: Camille Rowe Purple Magazine issue #17 Spring / Summer 2012


Patti Hansen and Lisa Taylor, 1976. Photographed by Arthur Elgort.

Dream Closet / 2016 Ray Ban Sunglasses , pretty and cool... 12.99 USD!

Carolyn Murphy | by Peter Lindbergh

look up at the stars

by Irving Penn

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rackk and ruin: DAMON BAKER | biker | leather jacket | smoke | smoking hot | fashion editorial

Electronic Cigarette Information: Are you familiar with World Vaping Day?

my perfect 10s - sensory overload!, Yaya Kosikova