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I sometimes wish I had the guts to get a fantastic tattoo like this! (I'm also kinda digging the haircut! Maybe when it gets too hot in the summer...)

ugh, the WORST texture you could have tattooed to your skin. This is worse than the head snake.

octopus tattoo -- the coloring and detail is blowing my mind! I wouldn't get this, but it is beautiful!

Favorite octopus tattoo was on a guy at Chuy's. But this one is pretty badass.

Love this! It looks like someone just sketched this on his back (in a good way!) edit: okay, so they did. :P But it would make a great tattoo!

#octopus #tattoo what is it with me and octopus tattoos today?

I think my next octopus tattoo requires a top hat

Octopus tattoo; going to try and design something like this for a friend, only ganesh on his throne over a lotus

Octopus tattoo!.. if only my husband wasnt so terrified of these beautiful little creatures!!