naos sistrum, musical instrument specific to pharaonic Egypt, alabaster

Harp, New Kingdom, late Dynasty 18, ca. 1390–1295 B.C. Egyptian Wood

Brussels- Musical Instruments Museum

How awesome. Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels, Belgium

Rattle, 19th century Alaska; Sitka Wood, pigment

Siamese musical instrument -- the bell wheel.

Australia: Playing the traditional Aboriginal musical instrument, the didgeridoo

Courting Flute, ca. 1850–1900 Sioux, Great Plains. Red pipestone (catlinite), lead, Native-tanned leather L. 19 3/4 in. (50.2 cm), Diam. 1 1/2 in. (3.3 cm) The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments, 1889 (89.4.3371)

Palace Theater, Gary, IN

Oriental guitar family type instrument. Sursanga, 19th circa, made from Indian wood, pearl and ivory.

KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS The Eigenharp Alpha is a Mish-Mash Musical Instrument

Musical notation by Ludwig van Beethoven (II)

country home

‘Dueling Banjos’ on Tesla Coils by FONentertainment, youtube via cubeme: Played on 7' tall, solid state Tesla coils, modified so that 'music' is produced by modulating the spark output. #Tesla_Coils #Dueling_Banjos #FONentertainment #youtube #cubeme #Singing_Tesla_Coil #wikipedia

old taco bell sign

.Short Sword and Sheath with Crouching Feline: 6th century B.C. North China. Bronze inlaid with turquoise

Mr. Goodbody.

. . . beauty in sound and craftsmanship.

Front page news the day the music died

Adorable Victorian couple. Miles away from the staid portraits we're used to seeing from the era.