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    • Shania Aube

      Every girl needs reassurance. She needs you to tell her, prove to her, reassure her that she's exactly the right one for you. Maybe not all the time, but how hard is it to do it once in awhile? Don't make her doubt you. Who doesn't like consistency? She just wants to know that you won't wake up one morning and feel differently.

    • Ashley Brown

      So true. Every girl wants to know she's needed,loved & wanted! :)

    • J L.

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    • Hannah Pickering

      Drake Quotes | Cute Quotes defiantly

    • Samantha McDevitt

      Drake Quotes | Cute Quotes SO TRUE

    • Brittany Manus

      Uh HUH! Drake Quotes | Cute Quotes

    • Mary Ledford

      Drake Quotes | Cute Quotes

    • Katrese Baker

      Drake Quotes...well said

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    Because to at least one person, you're going to be absolute perfection and they're going to fall in love with you. But before they do, don't be afraid to fall in love with yourself.

    love me some drake!!

    Really guys. I mean some people don't have friends. Like me... But that's ok. I just want to know.

    yup that's me.. couldn't have said it better!!

    Love this quote!

    Never let her give up on your relationship. She may come off strong right now, she may hide the pain, and she MAY forgive you every single time you do something wrong. But remember, oncee she's had enough and you hear the words " I give up for good " and " goodbye " trust me, she means it. It's weill be over. Never abuse her love for you, because once you lose her trust, you may never get it back or worse, you may never get her back.



    I don't know what "we" are, sometimes i feel like we're really close but then on other days you treat me like i'm just an acquaintance of some sort of unwanted stranger...

    drake quote

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    every girl wants..and i am lucky enough to have found it