How to make iced branches, or "ice" anything for winter.

Make your own frosted, icy branches. Can also use "twinkle flakes" rather than glitter. Try painted both heavy white and a light misting

Made with a paper cone and yarn. Dip the yarn in Elmer's glue and while it's wet wrap it around the cone. Let it dry completely and then remove it from the cone. Then decorate!

How to make Iced Branches | Click for 28 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home | Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Homemade

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Paint some branches gold

Beautiful Winter #Christmas #decoration DIY Ideas. Follow the pin for links to projects shown. I want to do the glitter branches and make a great big centerpiece for our table! Could also do for #halloween in black, gold, purple, and silver.

Make your own crackle finish.

DIY Frosted Branches / Epsom Salts and a little glue!

You may think this is ice, but it's scrunched up plastic wrap and water!! Perfect for holiday displays!

Easy to create a "frosty" effect using white glue and epsom salt -Clever Nest

OOOOH this is really pretty!

Holiday Magic: Fancified Borax Crystal Snowflakes {and Candle-lit Centerpieces}. These ornaments are so easy and inexpensive. All you need are dollar store ornaments, Borax, and hot water. #craft

Ornament and Crystal

Homemade ice pack: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water.

Boil marbles for 20 minutes, then plunge them into ice water. If all goes well, the marbles shatter inside while keeping their form and look like this. Great for jewelry!

unbelievable work of button art

Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower décor - DIY flowers for flower balls, favor boxes, or table tops #tiffanyblue #bridalshower #bride

Tidbits&Twine - How to make a decorative bow tutorial. Step-by-step instructions and pictures. Also a pretty cute wreath.