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Vintage Sears 2000 Christmas Holiday Wishbook Catalog | eBay

The Wish Book site with catalogs from 1933 to 1988

1955 Sears Roebuck Catalog,,,,,,,the year my baby brother was born.

Sears Wish Book Cover 2007 Canada

Sears Wish Book Cover 1981

Sears Wish Book Cover 1991

Sears Wish Book Cover 2001 Canada

Sears Wish Book Cover 1989 Canada

1953 Sear's "Christmas Book" ~ I browse through it each and every Christmas stirring up pleasant memories of my old vintage childhood toys ♥


rogerwilkerson: Sears Christmas Book - 1956 Vintage Christmas catalog archives!

1946 Sears Christmas Catalog

1970 Sears Christmas catalog

vintage sears wishbook - Google Search

vintage sears wishbook - Google Search

The Sears Christmas Wish Book. How exciting was it when it showed up at your front door!

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Do you remember getting excited every year when the Sears Christmas Wish Book arrived at your house, and using it to make your lists for Santa when you were a child? If the answer is yes, pin it!

Sears Holiday Wish Book catalog was my favorite reading material in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Sears Wish Book was my favorite pastime from September to Christmas every year. I actually bought this catalog off ebay a few years ago.

Sears Wish Book ! OMG - I am that old I remember this! Get it for the kids this year....

Sears wish book......when my boys were little they would take a marker and circle all the things they "wished" for.........

Sears Wish Book. I used to circle everything that I wanted....which of course was half of the catalogue! Every saturday night I sat on our gold couch with the blowdryer stuck on my head (the whole head kind thingy that got super-hot and I didnt' care because the toy section was too mesmerizing, but I remember it lol) and my mother handed this to me to read :)