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Ok, this is what my rental skates used to look like. From when I was 11, I skated almost every weekend.

oh the memories... roller skating on wooden floors...attempting the shoot the duck move and failing miserably while my classmates looped me over and over......

If you spent elementary school in Mason Ohio you know exactly why I repinned these :) The Coveted Golden Skate Award with a Pizza Party! Oh yeah! #vintage #rollerskates #masonohio

THESE were MY roller skates. I loved loved loved them. You couldn't get me out of them. via the '70's ! ~ Sara

Roller skating - vintage roller girl - retro roller skate cutie - rockin rebel roller skates

If I didn't walk the dog into work, I would totally do this. I tried it once but thought I was going to die.

Love the "Skating At Your Own Risk" sign

skating at the roller rink...thought we were cool. (this pic is not me!)

I love this image. But I really love that blue sequin skirt. And those tights. And that striped shirt. Oh, and those kick ass roller skates.

Roller skating , oh yeah.... dressed like this? I don't think so.... LOL....