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    .Looks like a stucco trim house with ledge that makes a perfect shelf for a window box.

    Guess this is what the flowers will look like on Tuesday! The Bradford Pears are getting pretty and then Wintery mix again! UGGGGG!

    daffodils, blooming on the edge of the woods

    Magnolia Trees and Daffodils at Kew Gardens, England | Laura Nolte on Flickr (dimensions changed when uploaded by another blogger, URL corrected back to source)

    This photo reminds me of my grandma's house in the spring. Right down to the dotted white vase.

    A daffodil unfurls- I have over 5000 bulbs in my garden. At least 1000 are daffodils. Deer do not eat them and unlike tulips, these grow stronger every year. Zone 5 IL

    Not the same old Easter Eggs. Gorgeous ideas from a beautiful blog - I don't understand a word but the photos are a treat! idémakeriet: Stylingsuppdrag i bild #easter #egg #easteregg

    Easter. Maybe fun to make a lot of these and set them up for a photo shoot?? Need ideas for little A's first Easter.

    I think this might not be as much work as flowers since you wouldn't have to deadhead them. And it's beautiful.