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Each #gallery will work great on a Dark or Light wall and for the bright #colorful walls try using all black and white photos, it will bring out the contrast in both the photos and the wall.

OMG this picture collage has the coolest concept. I love how this image is all black and white and then there is a colour splash on the water in the hula hoop. They have done a very good job editing this image.

There is so much you can do - hang vintage wall decorative items, get pretty frames for some sketches you did while college time or try candle wall-decor in hallways and entrance foyers where there needs to be a focal point to create an impactful look...

from AnOther

Paper Cuts: The New Collage by Joe Webb

Environmentalism and the Mind: "All of nature is intelligent and in constant communication with everything else," Jeff Warren tells us. "Wit...