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  • Meagan Witkowski

    Halloween eye makeup - spider web

  • Fleur de Vie Cosmetics

    How fun would this be do for #halloween parties. Use #Fleur de Vie Beauty's Ice Crystals all over eye, Mix with our Black Coffee powder eyeliner for dark lids and then wet your powder eyeliner brush for webs.Lots of #Macascra with our#LashPrimer. Ice Crystals in corner by nose. Line Eyelids and bottom with Black Coffee powder eyeliner and add black opal Pencil!Viola Spider Eyes! #Halloween #halloweenmakeup #spidereyes

  • Jennifer Douglas

    Cool halloween makeup idea! spider web eyeshadow

  • Cameron Emily Craddock

    spider web eyeshadow--fun halloween idea to try!

  • Monique Munoz Conway

    Halloween costume idea-- Cool! spider web eyeshadow

  • Diane Jones

    Halloween spider web eye makeup

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a white stocking with stuffing inside then covered in spiders

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I'm not sure why this creeps me out so much. Thank you for that, Martha Stewart.

Craft idea for Halloween - make a corner web with some bendy wire! Or, just buy the web from this shop! :D

Wire wrapping practice - large scale before I move to smaller jewelry. Not big on hearts. Pumpkin shape? Witch hat? Cat shape would be fun. Maybe a really, really big one for the garden fence.

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18" Odd Twisted Barbed Wire Corner Spider Web Reclaimed Art. $35.00. Do you have a lonely corner that needs a bit of something unusual? How about an abandoned spider web? I will make you a web very similar to this one. Hang this web in your window, on a door, porch, barn or shed….. inside or out!