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"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up." It has been my motto for years. (It really works). <3

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We All Need Sleep Button


#Persistent #Consistent #Volleyball #VolleyballQuotes #Sportquotes

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optimism hasn't failed me yet! ...okay, it DID, but i didn't let it get me down - pinback button badge


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Vintage Style Alice in Wonderland inspired Queen of Hearts Quote Resin Pendant Necklace

It's true.

Margarita Time #quotes #margarita #drink #drinkoclock #trendingsocial

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Mirror Masquerade Quote Pocket Mirror Handmade Paper Goods by Zany on

Acting "normal" is very exhausting day in and day out, but what is "normal" anyway?! As chronic pain survivors we are anything but "normal"- We are "WARRIORS", blessed with a special opportunity to INSPIRE others and spread AWARENESS, through sharing our unique, individual stories of how we strive everyday to overcome our adversities and triumph over the pain and chronic illness we live with.