@Sarah Ambrose Looks like the perfect engagement ring for ya...


Bow ring <3

Timeless Diamond Rings / anna sheffield

Beautiful vintage rings.

Vintage Ring

pretty posy flowers with blue topaz stone...please?!


Dainty and cute, this PANDORA bow ring is simply charming.

Serotonin- happiness & satisfaction, Dopamine- love, passion, & pleasure Acetylcholine- learning, memory, & dreaming


Soooo pretty

How cool!

Lockets - there's something magical about them.

vintage rings... ❦

Amazing Golden Ring with Shining Gems

Colored Glaze Sterling silver Necklace Light Blue Mermaid tears Water Drop Color Glass Amber Handmade Verre Ball Girlfriend Gift

Beautiful Vintage Ring

Stunning! Seven Band Diamond Ring.

Mint Blue Cute Bow Heel Sandals.. LOVE