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An/Année, Jour/Journée, Matin/Matinée, Soir/Soirée

There are two French words for year (an, année), day (jour, journée), morning (matin, matinée), and evening (soir, soirée). This lesson will help you learn to tell these confusing pairs apart.

While an MBA was once the main degree option for prospective business school students, specialized master's degrees are becoming a more common choice. If prospective students like analyzing data, for example, one of the many new data analytics programs may pique their interest. And if a student's background is in philosophy, psychology or English, a master's in management may be the right fit.

The decision to undertake higher education, especially for a degree like an MBA, is not one made easily. Many students approach higher education providers wondering if the degree is right for them, and the most common question asked in the preliminary stages is ‘Should I do an MBA?’

It’s not as if a full-time MBA from an elite business school has lost its value. The highly sought after degree remains a catapult – into the higher levels of industry, into rising startups, into innovative social enterprises. For most students aspiring to work in those realms at a much higher level than they would with just a college degree, the MBA is enough – for most, that is, but not for all.

There are many higher education providers who offer the Master of Business Administration (MBA), however there are also many time frames that you can complete it in. The smallest of which is the 12 Month MBA, which has students of a three year MBA wondering how this is all possible.

Whatever stage you are at in your studies, it is important to always be getting the most out of your MBA degree. This could range from effective learning and implementing changes in your workplace through to utilising your degree in networking situations. As a current student or alumni, there will be a wide variety of options available to you.