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  • Kati Schilling

    Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy - love it. Funniest thing ever

  • Lisa Toll

    Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball)- I Love Lucy - my all time favorite episode! Vitameatavegamin!!!

  • Becky Nimmo

    Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy Not a movie but loved that show

  • Chef I

    'Are you unpoopular? Do you pop out at parties? Well do you?' I Love Lucy/ Vitameatavegamin. OMG MY FAV!

  • Diane Addington Bracken

    Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy. So funny.

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25 Rare Photos Of I Love Lucy In Color ~ I grown up watching I Love Lucy on VHS. It's still one of my favorite shows.

I Love Lucy! ♥ "Well, I'm your Vitivigvegivat Girl. Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you pop out at party's? Are you unpoopular? Well, are you?"

Are you tired? Do you poop at parties. Are you unpoopular? Boy have a deal for you!

Lucy. Many people born after ..oh say...1980 or so don't realize Lucy was a chorus girl, model on occasions and known for her beauty long before she became a comedic star in films and tv. If interested look for her in movies from the 1930s... :)

My favorite of the old time actresses, probably the must understated beauty. Seriously a funny and extremely smart woman.

Are you unpoopular, Do you pop out at parties, well the answer to all your problems is in this Ittle bottle I mean little bottle ♥ I love l love lucy

Conga Drums for Everyone! by Lucy_Fan, via Flickr

I Love Lucy. One of my favorite episodes. And a one and a two a three a four a fix a six a seven-eight...

Here they are in California and lucy is trying to fool a movie star and not letting him know who she was so she wears a fake nose and it catchs on fire. clasic clean good humor