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Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE) strives to increase the capacity of LGBTQ youth and students, educational staff, and families to create school environments where all LGBTQ youth and students thrive. We do this by: developing the leadership of LGBTQ and allied youth, supporting Gay-Straight Alliances, training educational staff on creating safe and supportive school environments, and strengthening inclusive families.

Homophobia is a big problem in modern society that really should be stopped. Homophobia to me really shouldn't be classified as a phobia, because it's ridiculous to think you could be scared of someone based on their sexuality. Stop homophobia.


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Some People Hate Spiders! LGBT Youth Scotland strives for an end to homophobia and homophobic bullying in Scottish schools. Our research showed that many LGBT young people experience bullying at school and that this can lead to low educational attainment, low confidence and self-esteem, self-harming behaviour as well as increased suicide risk. To tackle these issues we’ve developed a toolkit for teachers and provide training for school staff.

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life

My rule of life: #1 "If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done."

LGBT family, we care about each other. At least we effin should and not give each other a harder time than most of us already have with straight folk! #lgbt* #pride #support