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1950's Prices

I can remember driving with my sister to Hiawatha, Kansas from Pineville, Louisiana to see our mother. We took advantage of a gas price war in Texarkana, Arkansas to buy regular gas for 24 cents a ...
  • Lee Ann Hoven

    1950s full service gas stations: Gas pumped, oil checked, windows washed. And the price of gas was only 30¢ a gallon ( 2014 -over $3.00 a gallon and get it yourself !)

  • Tami Candib

    1950s full service gas stations: Oil checked, windows washed. And the price of gas was approx 30 cents/gallon. Reminds me of my uncle bill's service station

  • Santuccio Album

    old gas stations | Onalaska, Wisconsin, early 1950s, when full service was the rule ...

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1950 ad - This would perfectly match my kitchen counters, same 50's color and style!

Breakfast-in-a-box: In the late nineteenth century, the overfed women and men of America's Gilded Age had digestive problems. One of their chief problems was constipation. John Harvey Kellogg, a doctor at Battle Creek Sanatorium, and his brother William set up a lab to develop high-fibre foods. They came up with a technique to take soaked corn kernels, crush them flat and toast them. The result was the first cornflakes. (The brothers Kellogg also developed All-Bran)

Full service gas stations. And gas was about a quarter a gallon. Service station? That IS unique!

Shocked? Well, how the hell else is the kid going to learn how to smoke, except from Gramma? circa 1950 photobooth

This is a full service station..."Fill 'er up, please"...Would get your windows washed, air pressure checked and oil level checked!

Gas Station, c.1950 - aaaaah yes....those were the days!!! You just sat in your car and the nice attendant did all the work....not only pumped your gas, but checked your oil, and cleaned your windows....dirty or not!! And if you asked...they would check your air pressure and put the air in your tires too if needed. Can you imagine....those were the days my friend...

1950, when your gas was pumped and car serviced by a station employee.

This reminds me of my sisters and I during our early teen and preteen days. There are five girls in this photo which is suiting because we always had a special friend around.

"A kiss for a gas cook! It's the exact temperature control that's the secret of cooking by gas. Light a burner and it gives full heat instantly; turn the visible flame up or down and the change of heat is immediate. ..." (1950s)

A high school girl dances barefoot at her prom

Long skirted 1940s cheerleader outfits, girls, females, photo, black and white, history, cheerfull.