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Whale Shark feedin by OrigamiKid via Flickr

Big Tiger / always looks annoyed !! And has a temperament to match that look !!! ( They unfortunately have eaten the most human flesh of any shark species / as during WW2 they picked off many unfortunate sailors who's boats got torpedoed and they had nightmare of watching their sailor pals get devoured one by one over many days waiting for rescue mission to pick up the crew !!

I love everything about this image - the arch of the shark, the soft grey on grey tones and the movement in the water.

I'm not sure why I love them so, but I do, they are simply magnificent

Icon Starfish in Bali by Mark Atwell via flickr

Whale Shark--from above and without comparison looks average size.

Whale shark no matter what they do or how they look I always thing sharks look beautiful

Whale shark - Even though huge sharks which can range from 20' to 45' plus feet are really harmless to people, since their diet consists of algae, plankton and krill. They don't have the teeth their meat eating cousins have.