Cookie faces craft to eat!

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There are so many possibilities for these animal sandwiches. It would be really fun to see what the kids could come up with. Making food fun is key in encouraging children to eat healthily (Annual Editions, 63).

Kids food

Owl & tree lunch. Might have to add a "lake" of ranch dip to get Abby to eat those cucumbers... and the nose would have to be cheese, of course. :)

Awwww.......even my BIG kids would like this! :) Gotta remember this for Niajia & Tre visits!

Cheese faces, Great for a kids party or any cute! kids party food. parties and entertaining. birthdays. bridal and baby showers.

Frozen banana penguins that are almost too cute to eat

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honey bee cookies

Graham Cracker Airplane

Snack Cars made out of fruit!

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Cheese & Carrot "Coins" made with mini cookie cutters. Great for snacks and lunchboxes. Also use for cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, toast, or whatever taste combo's your children like. Ask them what would taste good together and then get creative. This is a great way to get kids interested in eating more fruits and veg's, especially when they are "playing with food" while making it themselves.

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A mother makes these meals to encourage her children to eat

Breaks over, back to packing lunches! Love these easy ideas for fun school lunches that the kids will actually be excited to eat.

Submarine sandwiches. These are a little too cute to eat.