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    Essential oils ... what goes with what

    Essential Oils . . . How Do I Use Them?

    DIY Luxury Solid Perfumes | Inspire Beauty Tips

    HOMEMADE PERFUME ~ Prior to making this perfume, I hadn’t worn perfume in years. They would always give me a headache, and there’s a reason for this. Most perfumes are made with toxins like petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic musks and several other sketchy ingredients. The thing I love about the essential oil perfume is …

    Solid Perfume + Lotion Bar

    DIY Solid Perfumes

    Make your own homemade solid perfume with essential oils . . . would make a neat gift!

    How to Make Solid Perfume Using Natural Ingredients

    Essential Oils: #Bergamot #essential #oils

    Did you know that lavender essential oils can be used to treat burns? This handy infographic explains 6 common ways you can use essential oils and describes their natural healing properties... #essentialOils

    Calendula Ointment Recipe: Create a healing salve with a calendula infusion, essential oils, & butters. Calendula is known for it's skin care properties & is widely used to soothe inflammation, control bleeding, & heal damaged skin tissue making it perfect for use in ointments & salves.

    DIY solid perfume

    Homemade Coconut Oil Skin Polish with Essential Oils!

    DIY: solid perfume with essential oils

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    Making essential oil perfumes | Natural health Blog | WellBeing Blog

    DIY: Lavender Solid Perfume

    Solid perfume tutorial

    Edens Garden essential oils

    (LAVENDER OIL) GOOD FOR...... •migraines •acne •redness •scarring •stretch marks •inflammation •wrinkles burns •burns and sunburns •other minor sores There is no need to dilute lavender oil before applying to the skin, which sets it apart from other essential oils.