This is just freaking perfect. PERFECT. | A Definitive Ranking Of 72 Disney Princess Outfits

I see why Mulan fell for you, Shang.

Favorite Disney princess. Ever.// I love the fact that, even thought she's not a princess, Mulan makes people respect her. Fave Disney movie EVER. This is what my daughters will grow up watching.

I would actually wear Tiana and Aurora's shirts.

Perhaps a kiss that knocks your hair down? | Which Disney Kiss Are You This Valentines Day?

mulan and shang

Mulan 2 - LOL!!!!

Mulan and Shang

Pocket princesses by Amy Mebberson

Mulan and Shang kiss


Mulan and Shang, Disney Fairytale Designer Collection

From Mulan!

Nailed it.

I love the way Aladdin looks at Jasmine ❤❤

Hercules and Meg Personally, I would love to receive a simple flower and a kiss from someone who loved me. I've never gotten flowers from someone who loved me (romantically). One of my dreams, as cheesy and cliche as it is, is to receive rose(s) from my s.o.

one of my favorites

Prince Phillip & Princess Aurora