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    Love, love, love cows. They remind me of my beloved dogs. They follow you around and are eager to show affection. I love kisses from these sensitive souls.

    I don't think you quite understand how great of a picture this is, because the rule of thirds is almost perfect, there is a lot of detail, and the background doesn't distract from the picture. The lighting is great and what shadows are there would not take off from the photo. This had to be a winning shot. State fair ribbon for sure.

    Believe it or not I would love to own a cow vs. a horse

    "I seen the drivers take those electric prods (as long as a yardstick) and shove it up the cow's -ss, and in their ears, their eyes, down their throat, they'll be hollering and they'll just shove it right down. Even an animal don't deserve that. They try to jump out of the knocking box and out of the drive alley. They're not stupid animals. Just the guy that's supposed to knock them is stupid." - slaughterhouse worker

    I want a dairy cow, plus a bull, so we can cycle out milk and steak, lol. Also, I want fresh butter and make my MIL envious :P

    Cows mouth - Chewing the cud - Constable country - Dedham to Flatford Mill - Essex, England - Sunday June 11th 2007 by law_keven, via Flickr

    •you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• o l i v i a

    Visited my neighbor's grandma's farm...what a trip, cows, haymow, root cellar, fresh milk

    My cow Butter used to do this when we lived at the old farm and we had a window in the barn

    "At four months old, the “veal” calves are corralled into trucks and hauled to slaughter. As they are dragged onto the killing floor, they are still looking for their mothers, still desperately needing her nurturing presence, especially at that dark time when they are frightened and needing protection more than ever in the midst of the terrible sights, and sounds, and scents of death all around them, and, in their despair, in their want for a shred of consolation and protection."

    Relatives, sharing. Wbcw Tdm, elder crystal child, alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Image carried this saying, "buffalo calf."