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Photos of Washington, DC Monuments and Memorials

World War II memorial


My Fucking Awesome Bucket List (Paperback)

Follow your wildest dreams, meet the coolest people and make badass memories, because its never too late to plan an awesome life! Youve probably already been there, done that, so the average bucket li

My view almost 10 years ago with my senior class. It was very emotional to be there and see these lights in person. RIP to all those who lost their lives on 9-11-01

One of the greatest heroes of WW2, selfless and fearless . Audie Murphy is still one of the most decorated soldiers in history.


Hidden History of Western North Carolina Mountains (Paperback)

Buried deep within the hills and hollers of North Carolina's majestic Appalachian Mountains are stories, traditions and a proud cultural heritage unlike any other. Hidden History of the Western North