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22 Fun Halloween Games, Treats and Ideas for your Halloween Party


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Halloween 2015

These Halloween mystery boxes use simple household items to make a fun activity for kids. Kids will love this activity at home or in the classroom!

Corn Nuts

Corn Corn

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Halloween Blind

Halloween game - fill bowls with noodles, jello, etc and see who guesses the most correct

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Spiderman Dessert

Halloween treat! I think I'll use white chocolate & add a spider just for fun ;)

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Glow in the dark RIng toss :) Perfect for a Halloween party! Kids love things that glow. Halloween Kids Games

Blackberry Skewers

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Have fun with fruit this Halloween for a healthy alternative to candy.

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the donut eating game looks like fun for kids

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Denneler Poke

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Great Halloween Game for all ages -Poke-A-Pumpkin - punch out the tissue paper on top a cup and find a Trick or a Treat inside! How fun!

Red Ted Art's Blogfrom Red Ted Art's Blog

Super fun Tin Can Bowling Game

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Party Activity

Come find us over on Party Delights for some fun fun fun Halloween Tin Can bowling. We had Great fun making this set of ghoulish (or maybe just a little bit cute?!?! Tin Can characters!). I love this project, as it takes your old “tin can”, that you were going to throw away and you …

eHowfrom eHow

Fun Halloween Game Ideas

Doughnut Game

Doughnut Eating

The Donut

Donut Race

Fun Halloween Games

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Fun Halloween Game Ideas...donut game is cute and choosing a word that's off limit is fun, adult version could be to take a drink every time you get caught saying the word :)

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Witches Brew Game

Halloween Witches Brew

Halloween Party Game for Kids: Witches Brew

Popsicle Blogfrom Popsicle Blog

Halloween Boo Mix Bag Topper

Printable Topper

Printable Bag

Printable Popsicle

Booing Printable

Halloween Mix

Halloween Fall Thanksgiving

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Clothes Halloween

BOO Mix for popcorn bar

Halloween Bowling

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Hands 2

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Ghost Hands

Parties Food

i love halloween..great idea!

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Hat Toss

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Bean Bag Toss Game

Game Toss




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Fun game with pumpkins and brooms. Would be great for a Harry Potter-themed party!