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Econtainer recycled shipping container bridge provides gateway to Tel-Aviv’s Ariel Sharon National Park

The architects were inspired by the Ariel Sharon National Park itself, which is turning an old urban rubbish dump into a flourishing green space.

Gallery of Tower House / Austin Maynard Architects - 9

S+P and their 8 year old twin sons asked for a home “for community, art and nature tocome together”. We designed them a village.WHAT?Tower House is a renovation and extension to a weatherboard home in Alphington, Victoria,Australia. We...

The demolition and disassembling Frank Lloyd Wright's Larking Administration Building in 1950.

Corners are the enemy, friends. Of design, of thermal control, of air sealing, of water control, of construction feasibility, and so much more. Do your neighborhoods a favor and make fun of buildings like this until people are ashamed to build them. More