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  • Kathy Galasso

    In a small town in Canada where a tragic school bus accident kills almost all of the town's school age children a lawyer appears and tries to drum up support for a grievance suit.

  • pepeak

    "The Sweet Hereafter" (1997), directed by Atom Egoyan. The film documents the effects of a tragic bus accident on the population of a small town. ★★★

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Too much soft stuff in the baby's sleep environment AND bed sharing.

In countries where co-sleeping and breastfeeding are the cultural norm rates of sudden infant death syndrome are significantly lower. In Japan for example, where co-sleeping is standard and bed sizes are indicated by how many children can comfortably sleep alongside parents, the rates of sudden infant death syndrome are the lowest in the world.

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Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without by Cute Baby Pics on Baby Pics

After you take your cute picture, remember to remove all blankets from baby's sleep environment and put baby to sleep on his/her back.

co-sleeping bed. thats a lot of bodies in one bed! beautiful!

this happens at my house pretty often- he won't really nap with me, but if he's with Daddy "in the big boy bed" it's all zzzzzzzzzzzzs