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Good Nights: The Happy Parents' Guide to the Family Bed (and a Peaceful Night's Sleep!)

Cosleeping and Biological Imperatives: Why Human Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone « Neuroanthropology

Babies should share their mother's bed until age 3 because it's good for their hearts. Sleeping alone makes it harder for mother and child to bond and damages the development of the brain. I love to read stuff like this bc I'm a fan of co sleeping. :)

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"Safe Cosleeping Guidelines - Guidelines to Sleeping Safe with Infants: Maximizing the Chances of Safe Infant Sleep in the Solitary and Cosleeping (Specifically, Bed-sharing) Contexts" by James J. McKenna, Ph.D., Professor of Biological Anthropology, Director, Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory, University of Notre Dame

Need to get a co-sleeping toddler into their own bed? Try these tips

9 Benefits of Breastfeeding and Cosleeping.. See nothing wrong with sleeping next to my baby

Too much soft stuff under baby and tummy sleeping.... :/

studies link co-sleeping to better behavior, greater levels of happiness, fewer tantrums, less fear and fewer psychiatric problems. In adulthood, children who once co-slept have been found to have higher levels of "confidence, self-esteem and intimacy". No evidence was found that co-sleeping children became clingy or dependent as a result.

How we "sidecarred" our crib, making cosleeping and night time parenting work for us!

I love this photo. There's so much love seeping out of it. There's really no way to recapture that feeling, but it's one of the best things in the world.

Remove loose blankets from your baby's sleep environment. Babies should not sleep on top of soft items like blankets.

Great advice on getting a baby to sleep through the night! I used this with all 4 of my babies and it worked like a charm!

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Against Sleep Training: A Review of Research- long list of articles against CIO and sleep training

Easy to read yet extensive research information on the benefits co-sleeping or at least room sharing bring to babies and the detrimental effects of forcing them to sleep in a separate room. (SIDS guidelines state babies must be in their parents' rooms for the first year)


to the sea: Our Family Bed (co-sleeping revisited)

If you're pregnant or have a newborn, here are 5 things that will help your baby sleep! Must have registry items!