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    All about cosleeping, co-bedding, and room-sharing with baby.


    studies link co-sleeping to better behavior, greater levels of happiness, fewer tantrums, less fear and fewer psychiatric problems. In adulthood, children who once co-slept have been found to have higher levels of "confidence, self-esteem and intimacy". No evidence was found that co-sleeping children became clingy or dependent as a result.

    I wish i got this shot when my bub was that small, was too busy taking photos of my husband and baby and no one took the time to take beautiful like this of us together:)

    9 Benefits of Breastfeeding and Cosleeping.. See nothing wrong with sleeping next to my baby

    dad and baby

    Sleep with your baby! A (Passionate) Argument for Co-Sleeping


    Co-Sleeping With A Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler - Kerry at City Kids Homeschooling shares how co-sleeping calls us to trust our inner maternal wisdom and embrace the safety and comfort of the family bed.

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    In countries where co-sleeping and breastfeeding are the cultural norm rates of sudden infant death syndrome are significantly lower. In Japan for example, where co-sleeping is standard and bed sizes are indicated by how many children can comfortably sleep alongside parents, the rates of sudden infant death syndrome are the lowest in the world.

    Co-sleeping through room sharing or bed sharing can help a lot in terms of good sleep habit, kids safety, comfort and overall health.

    Back to sleep. Not tummy to sleep,

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    The Joy of Sleeping Siblings.. This will be JD and his future Brother.. lol

    Co sleeping at its best :)

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    Breastfeeding Portrait

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