Baby Great White Shark





Whale Shark

yellow duck

Great White

Sharks in the Maldives

oh my GOD

Sharks are not as deadly as you might think. Of 118 reported shark attacks around the globe last year, 17 resulted in death (about 15%). Contrary to p

Caribbean Reef Shark


Perspective Op Art

Megalodon sharks lived about 1.5 to 28 million years ago in the Cenozoic Era. People think that the Megalodon is still out there and many think it's still extinct. Out in the ocean it's 2% searched. They saw if Megalodons still exist they live really deep.

Sharks my big fear but i got 2 hours out in the ocean jumped in opened my eyes and a baby and mother dolphin were at my side i stroked them so soft! :)

Sharks. I just love them so much. Is that bad? 8|


5. Swim with sharks mainly cause they scare me