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pics of outhouses | Wooden Outhouse Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 6339968

Here's to the obsolete outhouse. It may not be picturesque, but back in the day, it was a necessity. I know it was to my Grandma & Grandpa.

I remember from the summer cottage. You were lucky if you had 2 holer. I remember a sign that said "This one for stander uppers" &"This one for sitter downers".

Outhouse-iStock2248112XSmall I think with no water, you can’t beat the good ol’ outhouse. Up until probably around the 70′s or so, my great grandparents still had a working outhouse on their farm. They are just a wooden box with a roof, a shelf, a floor and a door. The wall with the door in it should be 7ft. tall, the opposite wall in the rear should be 6ft. tall. Of course the side walls will have an angle across the top. When you frame the floor, don’t

I remember my grandparents ' outhouse when I was a little girl. That was a very long time ago. They installed indoor plumbing later on.

outhouses - via Another Louisiana specimen forgoes two separate opportunities to use a crescent moon:

Outhouse - yep we had one of those when I was little, big fan of indoor plumbing

Old Outhouse-- am old enough to remember one of these at my grandparents: styfling atmosphere that!

outhouse just because hate only havering one bathroom

My grandmother had one of these sitting on her front step when I was a child. It was fascinating to me as a child, now I'm on the lookout for my own old metal milk jug.