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Tootling- the opposite of tattling. Tootling is when students write a positive note about their classmates or teacher and stick it up on our tootling board. They love doing it, and it helps promote a cohesive classroom community!

OMG..OMG OMG.You better clear a few hours for this website. It's like a Pinterest of classroom setups. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!

Questions and Statements - You will need two lunch sacks and a variety of small classroom objects for this activity. Draw a question mark and write “Question” on one bag. Draw a period and write “Statement” on the other bag. Fill each bag with several objects. Children take turns drawing an item from the bag. If they chose the question bag, they must make up a question about the item. If they choose the statement bag, then they make up a statement about their item.

homeworkopoly...with all rewards/incentives that are free. My field basing teacher did this with her class and they always brought in their homework =)

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Invitation to Create: Fall Sticky Trees

High School Library Decorating Ideas | butterflies fly, fly away: this sort of paper cutting project with the ...