Nest Treehouse. Speechless.

For those that don't want a playhouse in their yard why not create a nest for the kids. This way you have a place for children to play and a unique piece of garden art that you get to design and create.

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the Bean House. a primitive frame, covered with chicken wire. Scarlet Runner Beans growing on it. Scarlet Runners are a delicious french green bean, whose vines grow up to 20 feet long! They also boast a beautiful scarlet bloom that attracts hummingbirds.


Arch with Rosa 'Adélaide d'Orléans', wooden bench around tree - This would be very important for me. I would need a lovely shady spot in my garden to read. I've always wanted a wrap-around bench.

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I like the trellises. :) Growing the Best Paste Tomatoes Yields Fresh Salsa and Sauce - Garden - GRIT Magazine

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Would love to have this treehouse in my backyard. :) Best of both worlds - my son have a tree house & I have a hammock. What could be better?


Easy DIY with recycled pipe and a welder. I actually still have a swingset in my yard. I'd like to remove the swings, paint it, and make something like this!

natural playscapes | Nest treehouse!! | natural playscapes

Kids Garden - Bird's Nest Tree House (Reminds me of Peter Pan--fun! :D )

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Recycled tires outdoor stairs, This would be good for Ruidoso! not crazy bout the tires, but going sideways instead of straightdown, good idea

These playgrounds are so fun...we want to go there.

I am smitten with this company! These playgrounds are so interesting and fun.I want to go there. Reminds me of Totoro. integrated living willow structure Earth Wrights Ltd

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A big or small tree house bring lots of fun into backyard designs and create playful and youthful atmosphere. Tree house designs are wonderful backyard ideas that make adults and kids happy and joyful

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You can build a tree house in your back yard as an office or extra room, or guest house or if you really love your kids a play house for them. But I am not so sure you want to waste this kind of awesomeness on kids.

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Awesome tree house made from an old bunk bed- so FUN and way too easy! WOW this is a great recycle idea to use a set of old bunk beds as a kids fort

33 Simple and Modern Kids Tree House Designs

50 Kids' Treehouse Designs :: This one a low tree house with tent frame and small front ladder.