Number of the Day activitiy. Express the number in different ways

Numbers about me! love this FREEBIE for the first few days of school!

Daily Number (1 to 99) – Target Number Classroom Treasures: Numeracy

number of the day

Guided Math: Math Game- Elimination

Odd and Evens anchor chart (patterns)

Across the Hall in 2nd: Number of the Day sheet

Math fun!!!

number concept

Number detectives- number sense

math anchor chart for comparing numbers

Comparing numbers activities

40 Ways to Leave a Lesson (Lesson Closure)

First day "about me by the numbers" activity

Math activities for the Smart board...can't wait to use some of these!

We came back from winter break with a two day week last week. I really wanted to do a review of multiplication concepts, because we had been away from school for twelve days. So I had planned some ...

This is a combo Anchor Chart/daily math practice. I love it! Let kids choose the number or roll a 36 sided die for excitement!

100 Day Party Math Homework Bulletin Board in Kindergarten. This is neat, but I don't have the space to house all that stuff once it's been counted. Maybe we'll count, put it in a bag, take a picture, and post them on a poster board. Then at the end of a hundred things we'll have a party :)

Math Coach's Corner: Using Math Stretches for a Daily Warm-Up

perimeter and area game; roll dice and race to cover the most board

Pick 6 cards...