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The Go Plate Reusable Food & Beverage Holder. *Until he's so into the football game that he takes a drink and spills food on himself! Lmao I can so see that happening! Funny until I have to clean up the mess.

Estadio realizado con comida

How's this for a Superbowl snack tray? Superbowl Tailgate Platter I found the picture and am sharing with y'all. I don't know who made this Super Bowl Snack. I wish I could make it. It looks so awesome

The BEST Summertime Hacks EVER!

These Life Hacks Will Get You Through This Disgustingly Hot Summer. Some of these can work for more than what is pictured. For example, the Vodka bottle. You could more than likely use that trick with any other beverage.

20 Objetos vintage modernizados que te robarán el corazón

i want one! Johnson - where do i buy one of these from? it's so bad for you to hold your cell phone up to your ear, i hate speaker phone n i'm not a fan of blue tooth.this is perfect!

Soportes y rejillas para enfriar masas

Soportes y rejillas para enfriar masas

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A water bottle that holds your personal things- house key, drivers license! for the gym! --- Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment - 24 oz.

Con Otro Rollo Wedding Planner Mesa de gofres 2

25 Fun Dessert Bar Alternatives That Will Get your Guests Involved - Waffle Bar! Great for a bridal shower brunch

Top 15 Brilliant Redneck Inventions That You'll Race To Patent Yoursel | Country Rebel Clothing Co.

Top 15 Brilliant Redneck Inventions That You'll Race To Patent Yourself!

Bucket Toilet With Pool Noodle Seat-LOVE this idea! Add kitty litter to it to absorb smell.

cut ice-cream....genius, but do it fast before it melts!

According to Simple, when serving ice cream to a large group, consider cutting it instead of scooping to save time. I don't serve ice cream to my guests, I eat it all myself. out of the container!

Mason Jar Shot Glass!

Mason Jar Shot Glass - I WANT THEM! Krieger for you and your mason jar obsession (:

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Dessert Lounge Indian Wedding, use this idea for an indian wedding or fusion wedding and mix in different types of indian desserts and non-Indian desserts to showcase each culture