Possibly the best show in the history of television. A triumph, and not just for HBO.

best show ever


The Wire - Perfect program.

The Wire -- An awesome show that I may be obsessed with now.


Modern Family

One of the greatest sitcoms. Seinfeld!

Fox television gets freaky. Again.

Funny TV


Downton Abbey. I'm hooked.

Luther --- One of the best damn television shows I've ever watched. Period.


Weeds on @Shoshana Kline Networks...

Such a great show.

Don't hate. If you give it five episodes and don't like it at all, I'll buy all your drinks one night.

Has there been a more unique and mysterious show that gripped you like this one? Probably not

The Affair Showtime Premiere | The Affair' Poster

Modern Family

Great Movie! I loved watching a simple drama with good old fashioned ACTING with other people instead of REACTING against two hours of cg graphics * It does not matter to me what movie is if Clint Eastwood plays in it...