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Thats Why I'm allowed at the barn I wouldn't take no for an answer I have just as much of a chance at getting hurt as everyone else but when i happens to someone else and not me i will be sure to smile :)

which is y i want a house in the country, live that way, and raise my children the way god intended

'Ugly' is subjective 'n merely an opinion of a closed mind - NEVER a FACT!! ... ♥

This really is for every girl out girls will just be the first ones to beat the crap out of the guy of treats em bad ;)

My kinda lingo. Something my English teachers never understood.

i learned this the hard way.. even though my camo nails were freakin' awesome whil they lasted (;

I rank makeup somewhere between fridge magnets and the extra buttons that come with shirts in terms of usefulness.

I am definitly not a cowgirl or anything close but I feel like I'm constantly saying this to people, especially the ones who complain about other girls talkin about them and turn around and talk about everyone else...

Even the nicest people have their limits.