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When other adults told me growing up(and still tell me now), we didn't have tv's, cell phones, etc. growing up, I completely understand, and know how it feels now. I will be telling this to my future kids/grandkids!

if it still didn't work then you would jam it in the system and prop it down with another game.

I wish I was living in a mansion with Brad Pitt by now... damn this game for getting my hopes up ;)

90s kids YES Ed edd and eddy!!! Cartoon Network was the only channel I watched my brothers influenced me well :)

I would sit this desk everyday in class, then steal it at the end of the year.

I even tamagotchi-sat for my friend when she was going away and couldn't have it. Love being from the 90s!

Only 90's kids :) I swear I'd murder for these to come back

90's forever! never had the first iPod or that phone but everything else i reconize!

I really do miss them and the black paper notebooks that they were made to write on so they'd show up better...