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    I need a guy like this.. READ IT!

    • Kara Skinner

      not necessarily a quote but this guy deserves a medal and the best boyfriend award. find a guy who calls you something other than "hot"

    • Lexie Einertson

      Greatest Thing Ever. "Don't ever degrade my girlfriend like that again." I want a boyfriend like this!

    • Heather Taylor

      A funny post, but I love the way he described his girlfriend by just omitting the word "hot" we come up with the most unique boyfriend that has graced the internet. When you write try not to use flat out boring words to describe someone or something. You want to allure and captivate your readers!

    • Leda Keva

      Torn on this one: love it so sweet but doubtful too. I would totally love to hear this about myself from a guy though. Love love love some of the things he said!

    • Emily

      Proper respect to that guy for being incredibly sweet, and I hope his girlfriend realizes how lucky she is! :)

    • Julia Colburn

      I need a guy like this.. READ IT! when your boyfriends stands up for you like this and you don't evenknow, thats the real thing

    • Jenna Hargett

      This is probably the most incredible, cute, breathtaking thing a guy could do for his girlfriend.

    • Kayla G.

      How a man should treat a lady…I want my guy to say the same stuff about me.

    • Staci Hallman

      PREACH. guys, take notes. IM IN LOVE WITH WHO EVER THIS MAN IS!!

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    Where is this guy? I want to marry him.

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    Mad skills.

    Faith in Humanity restored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boyfriend was eager to meet girlfriend's mom

    Just made me feel so much better. There's hope, hopefully I can find a guy like this in the future.

    Yes, go ahead and roll your eyes but these things are pretty darn cute!

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Holstee Manifesto Poster - a classic. Pass it on!

    Hugo Boss Trim Fit "Sky/Gala" Tuxedo. Not part of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, but I don't have anywhere to wear it anyway! A guy can dream...


    The cutest thing.

    That is adorable ♥ Marry him. marry him right now.

    "A boy in love is no simple thing" Guys... I love this. Like I have read it so many times 😊😊❤️ so sweet!!

    How to stay married.

    Yup,that pretty much sums up what did it :) ...but I'm glad he texts instead of post-its,our roommates would NEVER let me hear the end of it,lol

    all that i want in a man