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My wife needs this shirt. :)

Funny T Shirt of the Day: Yellow Light Challenge Accepted T Shirt by Snorg Tees.

Just had a discussion about exactly this w/ my hairdresser last week!

nails except mines reversed because im left handed. no matter how hard i try my left hand just doesnt look as good :(

Why do we feel so horrid? It's kinda sad. Society has molded us into thinking beauty is everything...*sigh*

I don't wear makeup :D yay! THEY CAKE ON MAKEUP! Girls are weird with makeup. They look like the bottom picture with makeup.

I definitely know what you mean. - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

hell ya I know what you mean hahahahahaha! Fuck the police all day long hahahaha!

i'm kind. (today... I hate you all today... that would be 4/6)

sorry random people who take my money at the grocery store for these days. It's my problem not yours. and I can admit that because today is not one of those days.

Another pinner said "Another reason why Bush is better than Obama. Haha(:"  Because throwing a baseball is more important than leading a country and, I don't know, speaking like an educated person.  Had to make a board just for this pin >:0(

Some presidents throw like real men, some can't and throw like a princess.----and maybe you should stop judging people based on how they throw a freAKING BASEBALL?

Unfortunately this is exactly how my brain translates that statement.

The Erkernermerst

I cant stand it when  people say that but this tshirt is great haha

Clever “That’s What She Said” Shirt [cool products]


I was just thinking yesterday - does anyone else sing the alphabet or am I a dumbass? Nope, I sing too


20 Funny Bill Cosby Jokes

Funny pictures about Bill Cosby on grandmothers. Oh, and cool pics about Bill Cosby on grandmothers. Also, Bill Cosby on grandmothers photos.

How many times per week is this going through your head? It's exhausting! You could completely eliminate this thought process and stress with #laserhairremoval! Stuart Laser Hair 772-283-9583 Erin Jenkins, CME stuartlaserhair.com

I personally haven't shaved my legs in six months. Just could not care less! "Should you Shave your Legs?": A Flowchart This basically describes what every girl goes through

this is like the biggest question of my life.

Where Does The Red Brick Road Go? In the original series of Oz books written by L. Frank Baum the red brick road goes to the Quadling Country in Oz. Red is the Quadlings’ state color. In his books,.

Bahaha! This is so true!

Funny pictures about What girls think during their period. Oh, and cool pics about What girls think during their period. Also, What girls think during their period.

Really! When this Humane Society commercial comes on, I have to change the channel. If I don't, I will be crying....more like balling. Thanks Sarah McLaughlin and animals in shelters that tug on my heart strings.

Every freakin time

This commercial is so sad I cannot watch and I do exactly that have to change the channel every time! I wish people weren't jerks to animals!