NO WAY...wash legos and then put the jello in them and you have lego jello.....

Teddy bears at the beach - blue jello, spoon some vanilla pudding on top to look like the sand (maybe sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on there too), add a few gummy bears, and finish with an umbrella. Cute!

DIY Snow Cone Syrup made easy and delicious! You've got to try this recipe!

Would you not feel loved getting something like this in your lunch???

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Karo's Fun Land: Legos First Birthday Party: rice Krispies

Koolaid popcorn 2 cups Sugar 1 cup Light Corn Syrup ⅔ cups Butter Or Margarine 6 quarts Plain Popped Popcorn 2 packages Kool-Aid (Any Flavor You Want) 1 teaspoon Baking Soda

Lego cake

Duplo walls. maybe just on the bottom of a wall in a playroom/kid's room?

Sprite and gummy bears… this is so happening this summer!

birthday party "build your own cupcake" Awesome Idea !

pb "sushi" and 24 other fun foods for kids!

Jello roll-ups. So easy and soo good. We love them with watermelon jello or the black cherry. Great to take to sports activities,picnics, even camping. Young and old will love them!!

JellO-Shots....... Cut an Orange (or lemon or lime) in HALF and gut it. Mix the jello shot (1 cup hot water, box jello, 1 cup various liquors), stir till dissolved, then add the jello mix to the half shell and refrig for 3 hours or more. Once solid, slice and serve!

Great and fun ideas.

Chilled blue jello and whipped cream

Deviled egg boats - How cute!!

Lego Brownies