black cockatoo

Rare black swan All Black Swans, in England, belong to the Queen.



Palm Cockatoo

Black & White Eagle Hawk ✿⊱╮

Dapper lil' fella with a great pompadour!

Wild Black Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Gorgeous hawk!

Indigo >> Wow, what a beautiful bird!


LESSER GREEN BROADBILL (Calyptomena caudacuta) ©Phil Liew - 996sps By Request for “habitat of the green broadbill” (there’s also an African Green Broadbill in case this is the wrong bird :) 14 - 17cm. A plump, green bird with a short bill and a short tail. Iridiscent green plumage Yellow spot anteriorly above eye Narrow pale eyering Black spot behind ear-coverts Broad black bars and patches on wing Forehead tuft almost covers bill Females are paler green, lack black

Black & white rock dove

kingfisher -

♥ Couples birds - Sasi smit

Leila Jeffreys - Wild Cockatoos


Palm Cockatoo