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Laughing out loud, in my office, like a dumb ass.... I never laugh by myself but this is too good!

Separation Anxiety isn't funny - it's a serious behavioral disorder, that often results in injury to the dog (broken teeth & nails, and in extreme cases, dogs that jump through plate-glass windows can fracture bones or even die) &/or extensive property damage . Fortunately, anxiolytic medications & behavior modification training are usually effective.

Just waiting for my mom to do this one day

I don't speak teen, apparently. That all looks like a different language to me

I'm not a huge Lord of the Rings fan or whatever but this is hilarious.

< : Hey Horatio? (>X) <: Horatio?? (>X~~~) <: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

This would be my dog if he had a cell phone LOL

Playing Scrabble with the dog. Take the time to read the board and the letters. It's hilarious.