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The term 'moving forward' usually refers to the process of leaving behind a current or past event and taking the steps forward without this past clinging to your feet as you move forward. This article contains a collection of quotes about moving...

from Down Home Inspiration

Build a fun Summer with a DIY Fort Kit

Busy times call for inspirational words. This weekend I have photoshoot for the lookbook of a client who is a jewelry designer. I'll give you a sneak preview on Sunday. And more post to follow. Have a great Thursday !!! Photo via My pinterestboard words.

from Sensual- Sentiments

Sensual- Sentiments

I cannot be bought. If you treat me badly on purpose after you have acknowledged it to me yourself I will leave the situation fast. So many are revealing their TRUE colors and we can't let them tear us down and cause us to lose our focus on serving God!:/