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Jason Aldean! For Kaime L. Potter! Here's your tight man in pants!

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cutie !!!

Dierks Bentley I seen opening for another performer....I would love to go to a concert where he is the main act! Love me some Dierks

George Strait, still handsome..!

Rich, butter toffee crafted with real butter and roasted almonds. Enrobed in all-natural dark chocolate and dusted with finely chopped almonds. 16 ounces. Serves approximately 12. Made in the USA.

Exclusive: Watch Jason Aldean's Burnin' It Down Video!

Watch Jason Aldean's "Burnin' It Down" Video! Jason Aldean

Blake Shelton Photos

"If you're calling 'bout my heart it's still yours, I should have listened to it a little more."

Honey Lollipops for Licking, Stirring, and Gifting

Honey Lollipops for Licking, Stirring, and Gifting. One easy recipe makes soothing honey lollipops or honey stirrers to mix into a cup of tea!|