British executives representing Hollister Co. stores in the UK suffered through a horrific 48hr ordeal when they accidentally traveled to Hollister California, mistaking it for the origin of the eponymous clothing brand. “Instead of landing in a West Coast surfer’s paradise,”. A regional vice president from Bristol: “we found ourselves roaming the streets of a town straight out of Lovecraft. Creepy backwoods people, twisted homes, uneven streets that led nowhere. It was just awful.”

Mr. Hunter took a walk on the wild side when he hung out at the Hollister Bike Rally. A 1947 biker street party in Hollister inspired the Marlon Brando movie, The Wild One. Hollister, California

Lombard Street at Night. Gorgeous.

Pinnacles National Park, Hollister, California

Fishermans village sign and lighthouse. Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, USA

Hiking at the pinnacles. Hollister, CA

Carmel Mission- Carmel by the Sea-California Mission- Bell Tower

Beautiful #California #Beaches

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco | by Bobby Johnson

San Diego

Walton Lighthouse at the Santa Cruz Harbor.


california coast

I'll never forget PCH in Cali....home sweet home

Half Dome Reflection | Yosemite

big sur, california

The Palace of Fine Arts

Southern California

North Beach at dusk ~ San Francisco, California

California 1987 trip from LA and the Dodgers to San Francisco and the Giants to just below LA to the Angels and all beautiful points in between. Trip was celebration for unloading house payment on a house we hadn't lived in for 4 years and visit with mom, brother and friends.

Northern California Coast